what's that smell?

Have you noticed any of these smells around your car?

Smells Like: Burnt Rubber

WHEN: The car has been running awhile.

THE CULPRIT: Just what you think - something made of rubber is getting too hot.

WE RECOMMEND: Check the clearance between your tires and fenders and make sure there's no debris in there. If that isn't the case, the issue may lie under the hood. Let our professionals at Titus-Will Ford handle it if you have any questions.

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Smells Like: Hot Oil

WHEN: Your engine is hot.

THE CULPRIT: Oil could possibly be leaking onto your car's exhaust system.

WE RECOMMEND: Check for oil on the pavement. You can also pop the hood to look for wet oil spots (be careful to avoid burning yourself). If you find a leak, bring it by so we can stem the leak.

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Smells Like: Gasoline

WHEN: Parked, particularly in a garage or when it's hot outside.

THE CULPRIT: Smelling gas anywhere outside of a filling station isn't a good thing; there's likely a leak somewhere.

WE RECOMMEND: Vehicles these days have much tighter fuel systems than older cars, so this smell is a solid indicator of a leak in the system. Better safe than sorry - make an appointment today so our experts can diagnose the issue.

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Smells Like: Sweet Syrup

WHEN: After the engine warms up, or a couple minutes after shutting it off.

THE CULPRIT: Most likely a coolant leak. Hopefully it's just a hose or small part, but if the smell is strong, it could be a bad heater core.

WE RECOMMEND: Shut off the car, and pop the hood. If the clear container next to the radiator is empty, you're out of coolant. Be sure to fill it up before bringing it in to Titus-Will Ford to diagnose the leak.

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Smells Like: Burning Carpet

WHEN: You've been hitting the brakes hard.

THE CULPRIT: Your brake pads are likely overheated - this is completely normal if you've been doing some hard driving. If not, you could have a dragging brake.

WE RECOMMEND: (Carefully) bring your vehicle into Titus-Will Ford for a complimentary brake inspection* - we have what you need to outfit your vehicle with new brakes.

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Smells Like: Rotten Eggs

WHEN: Any time your engine is running.

THE CULPRIT: This is likely hydrogen sulfide. It could be a fuel injection issue, but it also could be a problem with your catalytic converter.

WE RECOMMEND: Have Titus-Will Ford inspect your vehicle, and let us check your warranty to see if any repairs will be covered by the manufacturer.

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Remember, we're here to help...no matter what it smells like!


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